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The status of minority languages:

LSA pamphlet: "What is an endangered language?"

LSA/CELP Endangered langugages database

PBS interview on endangered languages with Rosemary Beam


What is language documentation?

Guide to linguistic fieldwork


Successful models of language maintenance and revitalization:

American Indian Language Development Institute

Teaching indigenous languages website

Revitalizing indigenous languages website

Iquitos, Peru program

Organizations involved with language documentation:

Documenting Endangered Languages Grants Program
National Science Foundation, National Endowment for the Humanities

Native Language Preservation and Maintenance Grants
US Department of Health and Human Services

Foundation for Endangered Languages

Endangered Language Fund

LSA Committee on Endangered Languages and Their Preservation

Native Languages Revitalization Resource Directory

Indigenous Languages Institute

Endangered Languages Project at SOAS

Language Documentation Training Center at the Univeristy of Hawaii

Journal of Language Documentation and Conservation


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