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June 23 - June 27; June 30 - July 3, 1:45 p.m. - 2:45 p.m.
McCune Conference Center

Carol Genetti
University of California, Santa Barbara


Course Overview
This workshop is designed to showcase a variety of approaches taken by different communities to maintain or revitalize their languages. Each day a presentation will be given by one or more practitioners who will present either a community-oriented approach to language maintenance and revitalization or models and techniques that have been applied in a number of communities. As the presenters represent speech communities from across the world, we hope that this workshop will bring us all to a deeper understanding of the wide range of contexts in which language maintenance and revitalization work is taking place and the importance of that context to a community’s selection of appropriate goals and techniques for the task. To focus the presentations, each presenter has been given a set of questions to consider as they prepare their presentations. These cover a range of issues including literacy, contexts of language use, historical factors leading to language contraction, social organizations, resources, goals, methods, approaches, successes and community organization.

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Schedule of Presentations
The “Models” workshop will be every afternoon from 1:45 to 2:45 and will be followed by refreshments and a short break. The schedule of presenters is given below:

June 23rd         Hawaiian
Larry Kimura and Lincoln Wang

June 24th         Australian Language Centers
Knut Olawsky

June 25th         Ekegusii
Kennedy Bosire and Gladys Getenga

June 26th         Seneca
Janine Bowen and Anne Tahamont

June 27th         Chumash
Richard Applegate and Nakia Lent

June 30th         Manx
Jennifer Kewley-Draskau

July 1st            Indonesian training Programs
Margaret Florey
Presentation Slides [PDF]

July 2nd           Maori
Te Taka Keegan

July 3rd            Breath of Life and Master-Apprentice Programs
Leanne Hinton


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